Old Zandvoort Circuit by Drone - Marlboro Corner to Tunnel Oost

Old Zandvoort Circuit by Drone - Marlboro Corner to Tunnel Oost In this video I fly with my Mavic Air drone over a lost section of the old Zandvoort race track. It starts were the current track turns right to the new section. But we follow the original layout, from the Hondenvlak/Marlboro Corner to Tunnel Oost. Today, this section is a golf course. Along the way we discover a remain of a kerbstone, and we pass the sites where Roger Williamson and Piers Courage had their fatal accident during the 1973 and 1970 F1 Dutch Grand Prix. The old ZandvoortCircuit was in use from 1948 to 1989. In 1973 and 1980 a chicane was added to the layout, to slow down the fast section in the back of the track. First the Bos In Corner was changed to the Panorama Corner (chicane) in 1973. For the 1979 Grand Prix a temporary chicane was built in the fast left right combination named Hondenvalk. A year later there was a permanenet chicane, the Marlboro Corner. In this video we start on the site of the Marlboro Corner, and fly to Tunnel Oost. Tunnel Oost, in English Tunnel East, was a fast kink just before a tunnel. This was a tunnel on the East side of the track to connect to the municipal sports fields on the inside of the Zandvoort Circuit. Ater this section of the track was abandoned in 1989, they demolished the tunnel already in the early 90's. With special thanks to Open Golf The Dunes Zandvoort, for the permission to fly over the golf course. https://thedunes.nl/ Thanks for watching this video. Don't miss our new videos and subscribe to my channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/Circuitsofthepast?sub_confirmation=1 Thanks for the subscribe :)